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  • Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku: a small biannual print journal dedicated to publishing the best of contemporary English language haiku. Carolyn Hall,Editor. Spring and Fall issues.

  • Amaze: The Cinquain Journal: This on-line Journal is dedicated to developing, promoting, and publishing cinquains in the traditional form established by Adelaide Crapsey. The journal is very interested in the development and publication of innovative forms of the cinquain, such as mirror cinquains and cinquain cycles or sequences.

  • Asahi Haikuist Network: editor: David Mc Murray. Bi-weekly on-line. Readers are invited to send haiku on desegnated topics for the next issue. 

  • bottle rockets press: Stanford M. Forrester, editor, publisher of haiku, senryu and small poems. 2x yearly (August & February); First Publication: November 1999.  bottle rockets seeks: haiku, senryu, very short haiku-like poems, tanka, and haibun.

  •  Contemporary Haibun Online: A Quarterly Journal of Contemporary English Language Haibun. Editors: Ken Jones, Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross. A quarterly journal published at the end of March, June, September and December of each year. It is associated with the print journal, contemporary haibun, an annual anthology from Red Moon Press. 

  • Drunken Boat, The: The Drunken Boat's first issue appeared online in April, 2000 and publishes poetry, translations of poetry, reviews of poetry collections and anthologies, interviews with well-known poets or publishers, email discussions with editors and poets. The magazine also carries features of various poetry presses and magazines, usually written by their respective editors. After a hiatus, the magazine will again appear bi-annually in 2011. Rebecca Seiferle, Editor.

  • Frogpond Journal: Print Journal of the Haiku Society of America: George Swede, editor.

  • Haibun Today: A Quarterly Journal published in March, June, September and December.
    Jeffrey Woodward, Editor

  • Haiku Ireland (official site of the Haiku Ireland group; Editor: Gilles Fabre) On-line.  Kukai.!

  • Haigaonline: haiga e-zine: A Journal of Poetry and Painting founded by Jeanne Emrich. First issue published in May 1998.

  • Haiku Reality: Saša Važić (1952, Serbia ), haiku poetess, journalist, translator, astrologer...

  • Heron's Nest, The; John Stevenson, Managing Editor. The Heron’s Nest is a quarterly journal. A new on-line edition is published during the first week of March, June, September, and December. The Heron’s Nest will also appear in a single paper edition in April of each year.

  • Irish Haiku Society: Founded in September 2006, is an association of haiku poets that organises haiku meetings, readings, book-launches, workshops, ginko and other haiku-related events.

  • LYNX, A Journal for Linking Poets: an on-line journal at the AHA Poetry site by Jane and Werner Reicholdclick on current issue of Lynx:

  • Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine: Raquel D. Bailey, editor.

  • Modern Haiku: An Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies. Charles Trumbull, Editor. Editorial cut-off dates for the reading and selection of submissions are March 15, July 15, and November 15 (postmark). A print journal that also prints an on-line selection of haiku and other materials from each issue

  • Notes from the Gean.  A Journal of Japanese Short Forms. The journal of Gean Tree Press: Quarterly on-line Journal: March, June, September, December.

  • Ploughshares. Ploughshares was founded in 1971 by DeWitt Henry and Peter O'Malley in the Plough and Stars, an Irish pub in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since 1989, Ploughshares has been based at Emerson College. Published in April, August, and December in quality paperback, each issue is guest-edited by a prominent writer who explores personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles.

  • Ribbons: Tanka Society of America Journal: a print journal published four times a year. Submissions open to members and non members alike.

  • Roadrunner: A quarterly online journal seeking to publish the best and most diverse in English-language haiku (including senryu, zappai and short poetry inspired by haiku). The journal publishes new issues quarterly.

  • Shamrock: Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society. Shamrock is an international quarterly online journal that publishes quality haiku, senryu and haibun in English. Anatoly Kudryavitsky, is the owner and editor of Shamrock.

  • Simply Haiku: e-zine:

  • Sketchbook: A Journal for Eastern and Western Short Forms: An on-line e-journal: 1996 - to present.  Open submissions.

  • whirligig  /  ’t schrijverke: Started as a small scale publisher of haiku volumes. Now a lot more is happening, but the common subject still is haiku: the smallest poem, originating in Japan. Whirligig presents haiku from home and abroad to haiku lovers in Dutch and English – and the original language besides if it’s neither of those. Whirligig is edited by Max Verhart, Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Norman Darlington and Marlčne Buitelaar and will be published every May and November as a book with a full-color cover.

Book Publishers


Poetry Writing Societies and Organizations

  • British Haiku Society, The: Founded in 1990. Publishes the Society journal, Blithe Spirit--a quarterly journal for members, Colin Blundell is the current editor; and a newsletter called The Brief.

  • Haiku Canada is a society of haiku poets and enthusiasts. The current president is DEVAR DAHL. The HAIKU CANADA Newsletter contains haiku, letters, articles and book reviews, as well as information on events, contests and other societies. Submissions for the newsletter are open to members and non-members. Announcements and information on activities and publications are welcome. The issues appear in October, February and June.

  • The Haiku Foundation: The Haiku Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to preserve and archive the accomplishments of our first century of haiku in English.   Haiku Contest information:

  • Haiku Society of America, The: See: Frogpond: a print journal.

  • Tanka Society of America: See: Ribbons: a print journal






Sources Providing Information about Various Poetry Forms


Poetry Publisher Links


Link Exchanges


Web Sites



On-line Saijiki Sources


Print Saijiki Sources


Forums / Groups

  • Aha Poetry Forum:

  • TheOutlawPoets: A Yahoo Group: Established poets who compose mainly: Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, Tanka, Cinquain, Renga, Renku; Sijo and Free Verse Poetry,Villanelle, Sestina, Sonnet, Acrostic, Limerick, Ekphrasis, Tetractys, Fibonacci. The open and friendly dialogue of these writers leads to discovery and experimentation in a friendly environment.

  • TheOutLawPoetsII: A Yahoo Group. This group was formed to gather the original Outlaw Poets, Beat Poets Etc. of Venice Beach and that era.

  • Renhai: Renhai Studio: A Yahoo Group.  Renhai Studio is a forum for the discussion and development of the Renhai linking form.  For recent examples see:

  • Sijoforum · SIJO: A Korean lyric poetic tradition: A Yahoo Group. Classic SIJO is a 3-line, 45-syllable lyric verse with a long Korean history. It resembles such Japanese forms as haiku, sedoka and tanka in content, themes, and purpose, but is open to the use of metaphoric language. This workshop encourages the writing, discussion and translation of traditional sijo in English.

  • Tanka· A Yahoo Group. Tanka is Japan's oldest poetry form. Traditionally a tanka has five lines with 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. Tanka is Japan's oldest poetry form. Traditionally a tanka has five lines with 5-7-5-7-7 syllables.


Kukai Activity

Archives, Libraries, Repositories

  • American Haiku Archive, The: California State Library, Sacramento, California, USA. The American Haiku Archives is the world’s largest public collection of haiku and related poetry books and papers outside Japan. This repository is housed at the California State Library in Sacramento, California, and is dedicated to preserving the history of North American haiku.


No longer publising / not accepting submissions at this time / past issues available for purchase


Want to learn how to Compose Haiku?

  • AHA site articles: Jane and Werner Reichold:


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