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Exercise 1: Verbatim "Found Poem" Free Verse


Judith Gorgone

Untitled: in a letter from a Korean friend


In a gentle spring rain
Every drop brings us
a moment of laughter
We rush for the shelter
of a pojangmacha*,
and sip from an abundant cup
In the distance the cry
of cranes on their way home

Since then, the cranes
have left and returned many times.
One day on the corner of autumn,
He said to me
"In my foretime,
on this beautiful day,
a seat on the bench opens, one by one,
and one holds you"

It was then, that I realized
that he, too, often sits beside me
the same autumn leaves fall upon us
and as the gentle breeze
turns quickly brisk
the only real change
for either of us
is where our bench rests

(A pojang macha* is a soup kitchen cafe under tarps yon wheels often found on the
streets of Korea).


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Author Notes:

The inspiration from the letter:

"It's really beautiful day around corner of autumn. Open one by one for my
foretime seat on the bench At park. You are the one of them old buddy".

I did not quote it exactly-but it appears in my 2nd verse.  I don't have a letter as it is was an email. Do I have to have a piece of paper?

I was attempting to go back to a moment we shared in Korea...and develop it from


~     ~     ~

Untitled: in a letter from a Korean friend: Judith Gorgone


Definition Material:

   How to create a Verbatim poem:

Take an excerpt from a written or verbal source and arrange it, word for word, into lines. The source can be anything except an existing poem or lyrics. Give details of the source so we know it's real and can credit the source accurately.


You may add punctuation where the original source is unpunctuated (i.e. spoken or graphical sources).

If the excerpt contains private or personal information it is better to disguise it (i.e. change names).

The word order should be as you found it, but you may exercise poetic license in matters of style. For example:

  • invent your own title
  • choose whether or not to write numerals ('21') and symbols ('$') as words ('twenty-one', 'dollars')
  • write quotations in italics or "speech marks"
  • choose whether or not to capitalize each line beginning (some do, most don't)

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