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Exercise Three ~  Using the Pastische Method with three different texts to create a "found poem"




Text 01: Poe: Descent..

Text 02: 
History of the World'

Text 03: Easy Answers

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Exercise 03:

In this exercise each studio member is to use the pastische method to create a "found poem" from the the three texts selected below.  Any passage may be selected from each of the three texts, but be sure to use all three texts in your "found poem".

Text 1: Selected by Karina Klesko:  Edgar Allan Poe, "The Descent Into The Maelstrom". 


Text 2: Selected by Neal Whitman:  Theater Review From the Crucifixion to the Internet, You Are There:  ‘History of the World’ at the Living Theater


Text 3: John Daleiden: Live Science. Easy Answers to Your Kids' Most Burning Questions:


All three of the above texts have been uploaded to the foundpoetrystudio.  To read and use them 1). click files on the left side of the main menu; 2). Open file: Exercises Found Poem; 3) Open each file and select appropriate material from each file to include in your pastische "found poem".  Of course, you may also use the links above to go directly to the on-line text.

A definition of pastische from Wikipedia:

A pastiche is a literary or other artistic genre or technique that is a "hodge-podge" or imitation.

Hodge-podge:  In this usage, a work is called a pastiche if it is cobbled together in imitation of several original works. As the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, a pastiche in this sense is "a medley of various ingredients; a hotchpotch, farrago, jumble." Thtois meaning accords with etymology: pastiche is the French version of the Greco-Roman dish pastitsio or pasticcio, a kind of pie made of many different ingredients.


When each participant has completed his/her "found poem" using each of the 3 texts above, please post the poem to the foundpoetrystudio:

Subject line: Exercise1 + Title

Enjoy yourself--have fun!!!!