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Karina Klesko: Exercise 1: Verbatim "Found Poem": Free Verse


Memoirs of a Southern Woman

Chapter I: In Ante-Bellum Days


Mother was a woman of beauty
And unusual courage.
She needed it as she said farewell
to her three soldier sons,
and bade them do their duty.
But she had higher attributes than courage -
the charity which thinketh no evil,
the love which includes the sinning
and the sinless,
recognizing the stumbling blocks
that beset our path
All the beautiful things
appealed to her, flowers
and poetry.
a link
connecting us
To a far-off period,
binding the present
to the past, the rare
courtesy of her manner,
told of gentle breeding,
with slight formality,
which, while very kindly,
any familiarity.
As I
have looked
at her lovely old face
I have thought her
the embodiment
of all the virtues of her race.
In her ninetieth year
she joined the great caravan, and now,
with the husband of her youth,
as much of her as could die
awaits the resurrection,
at St. John's cemetery.


Karina Klesko: Free Verse: Memoirs of a Southern Woman: Chapter I: in Ante-Bellum Days by Mary Polk Branch

The original source is available at this link:

  This work is the property of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.


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Exercise 1: Memoirs of a Southern Woman: Free Verse: Verbatim Found Poem from Karina Klesko


Definition Material:

   How to create a Verbatim poem:

Take an excerpt from a written or verbal source and arrange it, word for word, into lines. The source can be anything except an existing poem or lyrics. Give details of the source so we know it's real and can credit the source accurately.


You may add punctuation where the original source is unpunctuated (i.e. spoken or graphical sources).

If the excerpt contains private or personal information it is better to disguise it (i.e. change names).

The word order should be as you found it, but you may exercise poetic license in matters of style. For example:

  • invent your own title
  • choose whether or not to write numerals ('21') and symbols ('$') as words ('twenty-one', 'dollars')
  • write quotations in italics or "speech marks"
  • choose whether or not to capitalize each line beginning (some do, most don't)

Posting / Submission:

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Subject line:  Verbatim  + Author Name
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