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Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN


The source of this Rhymed poem was an advertisement in the daily newspaper, The Hindu dated, 7.9.11 which contained these three prose lines:

"Scientists bewilder how a bumblebee flies with its disproportionately heavy body weight
To its light wingspan;
It’s a clear violation of aerodynamic laws".


Rhymed Poem


Bumblebee Bamboozles


Flashing like a busy black diamond
Appearing from an unknown beyond
Settling almost at your nose tip
Whirling still with a whiff
Giving a momentary shock it flits easily
As you’re nonplussed, in flurry
And settles on a flower, knotty bumblebee;
Whimsical and dangerous it seems.
At a great speed fluttering its wings
Humming restlessly here and there
Black strong and stout, whiz past you
Bamboozling like a tormentor,
A perfect gift from God; true.

Scientists bewilder how in the air does it run
With its heavy body weight, disproportionate
To its swiftly moving light wingspan;
It’s a violation of aerodynamic laws, they bet.
But there are laws beyond assumption
More wonderment at every step beyond our horizon;
Nature has more in store
To shock the recalcitrant therefore.









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