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Ekphrastic Free Verse Haiga

Karin Anderson, AU

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Karen Anderson, AU


Free Verse



She had loved off one of his ears
but simply did not give a care.
Some fur was snuggled and hugged off
her marmalade-brown Teddy Bear—

Her darling Teddy was cherished
‘though he had some holes in his sides.
He’d been all hitched up and stitched up
and lathered and scrubbed up besides—

The lucky owner of Teddy
was only a small teeny tot
Dear Teddy, soft tattered Teddy
still touched her snug warm fuzzy spot—

Some special folk are like Teddy
when we stop to think about it.
Time may have weathered and aged them
but this should not matter one bit—

As long as we grow and love them
they become so special and real
While inside they are beautiful
and only as old as they feel—




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