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Children’ Party Limericks

Karin Anderson, AU


Photo by Yuva Past at Photo Bucket


Children’ Party Limericks


A friend of Little Miss Muffet named Rose
who was bossy from her head to her toes
said “to my party bring pets”,
but she broke out in hot sweats
when scary spiders jumped out of friend’s clothes!

A friend of Simple Simon named Billy
said “my party is back-to-front silly,”
when you come you’ll go to bed,
as you go you’ll then be fed
with inside-out pies served willy-nilly!”

A friend of all the three blind mice named Jack
said “come to my spook’s party and wear black,”
one boy was a headless man,
Jack lied “I’m blind” but then ran
so the head cracked and released bats on Jack!

A friend of Little Bow Peep named Sweetpea
said “My party will have a real donkey,
we have to pin on its tail,
but Sweetpea gave a loud wail
because the lamb eloped with the donkey!

A friend of Rose, Billy, Jack and Sweetpea
said “home parties are just not meant to be,
tell your mothers to give in
and costly parties now win
while the mothers have play dates with high tea!”





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