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Ekphrastic Rhyming Couplets ~ Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Karin Anderson, AU

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Ernesto Cortazar, courtesy of New Ocean Flower

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Rhyming Couplets


At the rainbow’s end there‘s a pot of gold,
arched in bright blue-bird-skies I’m told.

My face scans sky as I seek treasure’s store,
Running and running until I can run no more.

But breezes sweep my hair to tease and flit,
To keep the secret as they whisper about it.

Even green trees rustle as if they also know,
And birds chirp tree’s secrets of long ago.

When breathlessly I fall, yet still scan skies,
Rainbow colors play and dance with my eyes.

But an angel told me rainbow’s secret is gold,
Dreams that we can all work hard to behold.

“Somewhere over the rainbow way up high,
There’s a land I’ve heard of once in a lullaby.”

In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy sings this song.
If you haven’t seen the movie please go along

To your library and borrow videos or books,
And learn of the yellow brick road Dorothy took.

She meets magical characters along the way,
And you’ll believe in the rainbow each day.

There’s a scarecrow, a lion and a tin man too,
And I know you will love the rainbow’s hues.



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