Bernard Gieske, US



Free Verse


Albin the Aardvark


In Albany abides an aardvark, Albin.
Albin is an albino animal.
All around Albin's abode,
abound the almighty ants.

Another animal abiding
alongside Albin's abode is Algie.
He's an animal alligator.

Almost all afternoon
Albin the aardvark ambles
up and down the alley
always alert.

Almost all afternoon
Algie the alligator is asleep
in the alley.

One afternoon,
Albin the aardvark ambles
alongside and awakens Algie.

"Al! Any appetite?"
answers Algie,
"Awful appetite."

After ambling around,
Albin goes abed and is asleep.
Algie is also asleep with an awful appetite.

What do you think Algie the Alligator could eat with his awful appetite?
Algie can only eat things that start with "A".
Help me out. I can only think of 8.





childwriter's sketchbook, May / June 30, 2012 ~ Vo. 5, No. 3: Issue 18






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