Bernard Gieske, US



Free Verse


Willie, A Wee Wizard


Willie, a wee wizard, watches the world-wide windows, wonders, and worries. He wonders what the white witches will want. He wants what the witches want. He wonders what the wise wizards want. He wants what wise wizards want.

He wonders

who will want wooden wagons.

Who wants watches, wheat, and wages.

What the women want.

Which way the wisteria will wind.

Where the wolverines will wander in the wilderness

Why wimples wilt

Why the weeping willow weeps

Where the wisest will winter

Witch Doctors, witchcraft, wish-bones, wasps, weasels,
warthogs worry Willie to weariness.

Willie wonders about the warthog with warts

the widow wearing white

Why the wombat waddles

and the washer-woman whittles widgets

Why the white whale wallows walloping in the water

Which witches are wise and which are wacky

Why the world whirls

Why the whippoorwill whimpers

Watches whirligigs, and whirlpools, whirlwinds, whirlybirds, wheel-work, wheel-men, wheel chairs,

Why the wheel whines

Why the western winds

Who is west-bound

Why whale bones wallow in the wishy-washy waters

Why white witches weave a web of willows and wisteria.

Willie wears whiskers, whispers and wishes there was no w.





childwriter's sketchbook, March / April 30, 2012 ~ Vol. 5, No. 2: Issue 17






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