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Ekphrastic Dectina Refrain

Karin Anderson, AU



Photo by KoolKrates at Photobucket

Ekphrastic Dectina Refrain




I don’t fear
your moonstruck cries!
The moon’s my skateboard~
Look! I’m teetering high
on its silver curl scooting
through cool-cocoon-unstinting clouds
free flying wind-whipped and screeching wild~
No Mother I don’t fear your moonstruck cries!


The Dectina Refrain Form

The Dectina Refrain is a syllable counted form containing ten lines; lines 1 through 9 incrementally increase successive lines by adding one syllable:  1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/. Example: line 2 has 2 syllables/ line 5 has 5 syllables/ line 9 has 9 syllables. The 9th line contains the 10 syllables of lines 1 through 4 repeated as a monostich; line 10 is the refrain.




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