Barbara Bialick, US







The accordion did move and sway
On that very, scary day
I forgot to get my brother from kindergarten.

The school was dim
When I forgot him.
My mind could not be bothered.

For an accordion danced
On its sensuous fan
Like a vision from another world.

My science teacher, Mrs. P, sang
Long after the bell rang
Of a journey to other planets.

Meanwhile, my brother started for home,
As calm as a gnome,
Aged five and already grown!

When, off in the distance,
With anxious insistence,
He thought he saw a witch!

In her long, black coat, big as a bear,
My mother arrived in a fury right there,
And waited for me to show.

I looked at their faces,
And felt the disgraces—
So much for my traveling alone….




childwriter's sketchbook, July / August 31, 2011 ~ Vol. 4, No. 4






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