Brian Strand, UK



Triple Quatrain*

Cradle Song


Little baby, so snugly sleep
sweet dream, dear child, no longer weep,
in these arms slumber deep;
Dearest darling, beloved child,
so innocent, so meek and mild,
we in wonder beguiled;
Precious, perfect, in miniature,
voicing gurgled thoughts so pure,
in these arms slumber sure;
A gift from heaven, all suppose,
blessed in this quiet repose,
safe, secure, as you doze.


*The triple quatrainan 8/8/6 syllable form rhymed aaabbbcccddd
is  based on the many derivatives of the fourteener that became the basis of the sonnet when split 8/6 which then form quatrains and or triplets as in my variation in this poem.

~Brian Strand, UK



childwriter's sketchbook, Vol. 4, No. 1





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