Celine Rose Mariotti, US



Free Verse


Getting a Little Happiness


How much do they charge these days?
For a little bit of happiness to come my way,
Yes what is the cost of finding that rainbow?
Where is that pot of gold, and the leprechaun who has it?
What is happiness anyway?
I think it is when a dream comes true,
Or when you sit down to eat some homemade stew,
Happiness is a cup of hot tea,
Happiness is just being me,
How do you get happiness?
Getting happiness comes from within,
It’s your philosophy of life,
It’s how you feel inside,
Happiness cannot be denied,
Happiness cannot be found on Wall Street,
It is not to be found in the lottery either,
Finding happiness in the ones we love,
Cherishing what we have from the Lord above,
Happiness is in the heart,
That is where happiness starts.









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