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goodnight. Ed Baker. ISBN: 13: 978-0-9816733-2-5, ISBN: 0-9816733-2-5.  2009.  Lulu:  $12.95 plus shipping and handling.

Moria Poetry, C/o William Allegrezza, 1151 E. 56th # 2, Chicago, Il 60637.

Printed: 54 pages, 8.5" X 11", perfect binding, black and white interior ink. Original art work by Ed Baker. 7 interior black and white art drawings. Cover art, art, Korean translation by Ed Baker. Design & computer layout: Micah Baker, Evlyn Baker.




This is a new collection of poetry and images. The whimsical and colorful art pieces by Ed Baker proclaim an intense romance with the female figure. In this edition all of the art pieces are presented in black and white but the sensuous and robust outlines of the female physic are dynamically alive in each of the six drawings and one color photo on the cover.

The lean and spare minimal poems accompanying the drawings are brief excursions into the relationships between men and women.  "A View Of..." (p. 18) provides one example:

A View Of...

I hardly knew you then
and still
you slowed me down
I deliberately kept a
distance   for clarity

                         to get
a different perspective
I moved a ladder to the

climbed to the top and
sat there for weeks
down at the top of your head

your flat nose
stuck on the glass
hanging down long black hair


everything aglow


a certain view of things
           so close
           that I

Reading the poems in this collection is an event filled romp through life, revealing, fears, pleasures, and sometimes disappointments.

--John Daleiden, Sketchbook editor

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