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Watching the Buds of Dream. Rita Odeh. (Short poems, tanka, haiku, free verse). Book cover by Kuniharu Shimizu. Printed: 40 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", saddle-stitch binding, black and white interior ink. Download: 1 document (PDF), 119 KB. $ 7.00 Paperback book; $ 1.67 Download Available from:

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Rita Odeh. Being baptized by the fire of the alphabet, Rita was born in Nazareth, Israel, to a Palestinian Christian family on September, 1960. She has a degree in English and Comparative Literature from Haifa University. She writes poetry, especially short poems, short stories, book reviews and criticism. She has Published five books of poetry in Arabic: "Revolution Against Silence" (1994),"Mirrors Of Illusion" (1998); "A Diary Of A Gypsy Lover" (2000); "Who Doesn't Know Rita...?!” (2003); "One Tear Before Suffocation" (2005). Her first book in English: “Watching the Buds of Dreams” (2006) has just been released:

Rita is known as the poetess of love and dreams. All the rivers of her poetic experience possessed throughout years, meet in the sea of this book where the sparrow of poetry soars high above worldly borders, prejudice, poverty, violence, envy, sadness and pain...flying above meadows, hills, mountains towards the sun, wishing to leave at least one fingerprint on the canvass of creativity, prophesizing divine love, laying the basis of her short poems on the ground of the following haiku:

as he sleeps
I watch the buds
of the dream




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