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Rambles: Outings with a Wayward Muse. Tom Berman.  September 1, 2010. Paperback: 116 pages. Language: English.

ISBN-10: 1450251765
ISBN-13: 978-1450251761
Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.9 x 0.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.8 ounces

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A collection of poetry written by a professional scientist who has spent most of his life living and working in Israel. Some poems are serious, others attempt to be humorous, lyrical or just downright whimsical. None are very obscure and most are kindly meant. Topics covered include: Personal File, Love Poems, Vistas of Home, Kindertransport Echoes, Animals, Wars, Creation and other Oddities, Nature and the Obstinacy of Hope.

Comments Received from Readers

“….brilliant …… a window of inspiration.”

“…..makes really wonderful reading! I have only had time to dip into it but the poems I have read really speak to me. These poems are accessible, but beautifully expressed and really do strike a chord - and I love the ironic humour. I am looking forward to reading more.”

“I was over the moon when we received 'Rambles' - I read it straight through and I have already dipped in again several times. Yes 'accessible 'is your word and it is absolutely the right one-no need to try and tease out a meaning or speculate about hidden references,.sometimes I feel that having to explain a poem is like having to explain a joke. I really feel your work communicates directly person to person. My favorites include those which refer to the old gods in the land- they send a shiver though me- and some of the animal ones -particlularly 'Bug' and of course the Kindertransport ones are very moving.”

“For me, the most interesting part of reading poetry is that poetry tends to stimulate
memories of events in my own life, some from a very long time ago, events which I had totally forgotten about. So reading your poetry gives me a double pleasure, your interesting poems, and reliving events from the distant past, which I had long forgotten about. Thanks.”

“These are beautiful poems. I read through the whole anthology, from cover to cover. I am getting a bit eccentric in my old age and occasionally read out loud writings that need to be told - to someone!! And I found my self doing this quite often as I was reading you poetry. You have distilled so many thoughts on so many of life's doings, pleasures and tragedies into artistic and beautifully crafted words. I shall enjoy this book for a long time.”

“I cried when I read the Leather Suitcase and I laughed out loud at the end of Ode to the squint in my left eye. Not many books of poetry can move me to laughter and tears.”

Helen Bar-Lev Interview with Tom Berman




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