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In Moonlight The Sky Will Slide.  Katherine L. Gordon and Helen Bar-Lev. A poetic conversation between Katherine L. Gordon, Canada and Helen Bar-Lev, Israel. Cyclamens and Swords Publishing: Israel. December 2009.  $18 includes shipping.

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What the authors Say About this Book


I want to say why I enjoyed working on
In Moonlight The Sky Will Slide  so much. It is because a Celt and a Hebrew, two of the most ancient races out of Egypt, found each other as destined and wrote between lands where literature as we recognize it, had its most profound impact on world culture. It is very exciting to be two poets capturing the human condition far from each other geographically, but so close in spirit. Both of us love history, see the alternate universes informing us, speak to the hearts of people as they long to see. Helenís art is the icing, it glistens all the pages and captures what we feel at yet another level. What a beautiful legacy for her and for me. The insights of artist and poet have bridged the continents, drawn many a dream and aspiration into the arc of human longing and endeavor. That we are all kindred, flames here. Moon, earth, all the mysteries of our planet, speak to all who listen. It is my hope that a commonality of blood and beauty is consummated in this book.


Katherine and I first met face-to-face in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in August of 2006 in a restaurant called The Forbidden City, where Hamiltonís poets had gathered for a poetry reading. Prior to that we had been having stimulating poetry exchanges and intellectual discussions for a year or so.

In the course of our continued correspondence, our friendship deepened and a kinship of spirits became apparent. And so, In Moonlight The Sky Will Slide was born.

Compiling this book has been such a pleasure on many different and unexpected levels. Given the bond between us, matching up poems was not at all difficult. Doing the sketches, in which I tried, not in all, but in most, to combine elements from each of our poems, was challenging but also entertaining, though it may be difficult for the reader to spot this. For example, the man and dog walking in Israel with the Lebanese mountains in the background, are about to approach a Canadian barn with silo. Or the gothic portal in the midst of Israeli apple orchards. My favourite is Leonardoís flying machine serving as a modern airplane.

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