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The Poetic Image - Haiku and Photography
This collection, guest edited by Alan Summers and Roger Brown, contains work by an international cast of thirty-one poets and photographers, from Birmingham to Brazil, and several points in between - whatever way you decide to travel. Published by Birmingham Words pamphlets, the collection is available for free download.

Issue #1: The Poetic Image.  A fabulous international collection of photography and haiku, guest-edited by Alan Summers and Roger Brown. Featuring Jo Enright, Kitty Sullivan, Angelee Deodhar, Helen Ruggieri, Johathan Sawyer, Ralph Hoyte, Minerva Bloom, Durda Vukelic-Rozic, Rogerio Viana, Peggy Willis Lyles, Andrew Shimield, Narayan Raghunathan, Gerald England, C. Avery, Roger Adkins, Elee Kirk, Graham Nunn, Bernard Gadd, heyley Dench, Rona Laycock, Bam Dev Sharma, Emma Nicol, Keiko Izawa, James Roderkick Burns, Silvija Butcovic, Richard Stevenson, Helen Buckingham, Lanie Shanzyra P. Rebancos, Visnja McMaster and Tom Hannon.




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