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The Target is Behind the Sky (Fifty Poems of Kabir)-Translated by Sunil Uniyal. $10. Released on 26th Feb-2012.Publisher: Low Price Publications, A-6, Second Floor, Nimri Commercial Centre, Ashok Vihar Phase-4, Delhi-110052 (India).   Email-


Sunil Uniyal (1953 - ) is based in New Delhi and works for Government of India. His haiku and poems first appeared in the early eighties in the Mirror Magazine of Mumbai. He is also engaged in the translation of the poems of Hindi and Urdu poets like Kabir, Sur, Mir and Ghalib. Some of these translations have found space in literary e- journals in India and abroad like Muse India, Poetry-Chaikhana, Poetica Magazine
and Sketchbook.


The Target is Behind the Sky offers the reader a slim but representative selection of Kabirís poetry in English translation. Among the Bhakti poets of medieval India, Kabir occupies a unique position as he was the first to forcefully speak against idolatry and the tyranny of caste system. In an age of conflict, he strove hard for Hindu-Muslim unity. His dohas and padas clearly reveal the influence that the Upanishadic and Sufi thought had on his mind.



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