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Rustle of Bamboo Leaves. Victor P. Gendrano. LuLu: 2005. ISBN: 978-1-4116-6215-5. 240 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink. $19.00 + postage Paperback book. Lu LU Ordering Information.  Also available at: AMAZON, BORDERS, BARNES AND NOBLE.

Rustle of Bamboo Leaves: Selected haiku and other poems features haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga, cinquain, sijo, free verse poems and commentary. Unique in the book are the comments and critical reviews to some of the poems geared to help beginning poets understand and write their craft better. The author spent almost a year to complete the book from his decades of literary output.

Reviewer comments:

"The craft found in Victor Gendrano's tanka reflects a good understanding of both tanka tradition and the potential for tanka as a short, powerful form of poetry. He has striven to write a poetry without boundaries and the result has been a small, important victory for the human heart."

—Michael McClintock, President, Tanka Society of America and editor, Tanka Anthology, Redmoon Press, © 2003

"Rich with appealing simplicity, Victor's poems range from deeply serious to quietly humorous. His haiku demonstrate his honest appreciation and concern for all of nature, including humanity. Without bitterness or self-pity, he lays bare his own frailties."

—Ferris Gilli, poet and editor, The Heron's Nest

"The book is very special. I am so impressed and thrilled. This unusual, comfortable approach is so refreshing. A biography. A history. I can really relate to it. The verses that I have read and the commentary will be so useful to most people and especially new-comers."

—Kirsty Karkow, author, poet, and sculptor

A very personal book, it allows the reader to share the inner corners of emotions, thoughts and sensibilities with the author — intimacy, honesty, and openness, the likes of which can be only obtained in special circumstances such as the Japanese konyoku (communal bath). One word which could be chosen to
describe this special book is fuga no makoto (poetic sincerity, honesty and truth).

—Susumu Takiguchi, poet, artist, Basho scholar, and founder and Chairman, World Haiku Club

"This book contains outstanding poetry in several short forms which will touch you and move you. Gendrano's poems are very accessible, universal in their appeal. Get this book!"

—Denis Garrison,author, poet, and editor of Modern English Tanka

Rustle of Bamboo Leaves is interesting in a variety of ways, but one of the most unusual is this is the first book I have seen where the poems are published along with the comments of his readers... Gendrano has found a method of breaking up the monotony of poem upon poem by including the interaction around the poem. This seems an excellent idea! The haiku encompass the complete range of subject matter from death and disease... to subtle jokes of male voyeurism.

—Jane Reichhold, author, poet, and editor of Lynx: A journal for linking poets.

[His] authentic lyric voice is simple, sincere, moving and his touching honesty and humanity thoroughly inhabit his poetry.

—Luis Cabalquinto, a poet writing in three languages




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