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John Irvine. Rat atouille for the rindless. Illustrations by Dave Freeman. PreShrunk Press: Colville, New Zealand. 2007.   ISBN 978-0-473-12544-8. 37 pp. NZ $19.99.  Does not include postage and handling.

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'A piece of totally irrational fun, Rat atouille is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to poke sticks at authority, take the Mickey, deflate the overblown and generally have a good laugh. Some wonderful fun with language, punctuated with totally un-PC graphics, few will be able to avoid laughing out loud as they enjoy this short work. And don't be disappointed when you find that the last few pages are taken up with what appears to be explanatory material. Some of the best laughs lie hidden within.

We'd love to see this duo take on a prose 'analysis' of life in the South Pacific.'

~Graeme Beals, managing director, Zenith Publishing Group, New Zealand


“Rat atouille for the rindless” is a wild wily and hilarious ride. Follow Brian the rat through his many experiences and little life lessons. Full of laugh-out-loud moments and without a shred of political correctness to mar its slick hilarity. The world is knee-deep in the mess of its own making and Brian wades through the muck to come out the other side smelling like just what he is—a rat!

Cleverly written and illustrated, “Rat atouille” will surely be welcomed by anyone tiring of the same old, same old in all the ‘safe, let’s not step on anyone’s toes’ types of books of recent years.

John Irvine (the author) and Dave Freeman (the illustrator) are a dangerously funny and cynical duo indeed. Dave’s artwork perfectly punctuates the writing throughout, adding more insight and humor to every poem about the ratty escapades of Brian.

Every person exposed to the book will have a different reaction but each person will definitely HAVE a reaction. “Rat atouille” is a great book, full of fun and laughs, and I highly recommend it.

~Sharon M. White, Tennessee, USA

About John Irvine

John Irvine is a Scribbler and occasional linoleum layer.

John Irvine was born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in 1940. John and his writer/poet wife live in Colville on New Zealand’s picturesque Coromandel Peninsula, surrounded by hills and ocean. Here he occasionally lets his dark side out to play. He is the online administrator for a Canadian-based international teen writer’s forum. He has his own web site:

John’s first collection of poetry,
Man of Stone, was released recently to enthusiastic reviews in New Zealand during 2005 by Zenith Publishing Group, and is available internationally from the publisher’s website

His second volume of illustrated poetry,
Rat atouille for the rindless (illustrated by Dave Freeman) was published in 2007 by Preshrunk Press.

John is editor and contributor for the recently launched illustrated collection of speculative poetry,
Anomalous Appetites, which can be seen and purschased by visiting his

About Dave Freeman

Professional idiot and repeat pencil-stealer.

Dave started life young and regressed from that stage until he is now his own grandfather. Amongst his many achievements are none worth mentioning.


Dave Freeman: NZ is new to publishing but has had some prose and poetry published in Facets of Friendship – an anthology of work from the Creative Writers Group and online in Australian Reader. However he has been posting on writers’ sites for some years.

As an advertising copywriter, many of his more intentionally seductive works have appeared in press and magazine ads throughout Victoria and Western Australia. As this volume attests, Dave has done a bit of drawing as well.




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