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Lyubenova, Maya. Flecks of blue - an English-Bulgarian Haiku Collection,
Vladislav Hristov, Editor.
 Bulgaria: Ars, Blagoevgard.  March, 2010. 

ISBN: 9789549857283.  50 pages.
4.80 EUR.

Cover design: Vladislav Hristov -

Available from Bulgarian Knizhitsi

(This is a Bulgarian bookstore, but some friends from the UK and the States have already purchased it. They did this by clicking the orange button, then they got an automated message in Bulgarian, followed by a letter in English, in which they were instructed how to pay for it).

Front Cover

Commentary by Jane Reichold, US

Sunday, October 10, 2010 about Flecks of Blue in LYNX или за "Парченца синьо" в "ЛИНКС"

"I guess I really am already traveling as I write these book reviews on a sunny morning in August. The Flecks of Blue on the lovely cover of Maya’s first book of haiku allow me to journey to Kotel Bulgaria where Maya teaches at the Philip Kutev National School of Folk Arts. However, thanks to the Internet I have met Maya in the AHAforum and there I have gotten to know her and even more, came to admire her work in haiga. No wonder that in 2009 she was declared a Master Haiga Artist.

Though Flecks of Blue do not contain any of her haiga, the book does show how adept she is in writing haiku. She makes it look so easy! Because each of her haiku are flecks of perfection, the reader can relax and sink down into the pleasure of her timeless observations.

noon shadows
a dwarf lingers
at my feet

From this you can see Maya has a fine sense of humor that is exactly at home in haiku. She is not telling jokes or slipping into senryu, but is seeing her world anew and showing it to us.

shallow spring –
the lights in the puddle

~Jane Reichhold, Lynx

Back Cover

Maya Lyubenova was born in Plovdiv, where she graduated from the English Language School, later she studied English Philology in Veliko Tarnovo University. She is a teacfher in Philip Kutev National School of Folk Arts Kotel.

Maya writes poetry in English and Bulgarian, her free verse poetry, visual poems and haiku have been published in many English magaszines and oneline ezines like Frogpond, The World Haiku Review, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Moonset, Haigaonline, Sketchbook - a Journal for Eastern and Western Short Foirms, 3Lights Gallery, Gean Tree Press, etc. In the April issue 2009 of the World Haiga Contest, the Jury named Maya Lyubenova WHA Master Haiga Artist, and in May 2009 her haiku won the first prize in the Second National Haiku Contest in Bulgaria.

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