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Lyn Lifshin. Ballroom. Greensboro, NC: March Street Press. 2010.  286 pages. ISBN-10: 1596611421; ISBN-13: 978-1596611429.  $9.00.  Paperback: Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches; Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces.

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In Ballroom we have Lifshin at her absolutely most evocative, energetic, seductive. The whole book centers on “encounters,” guys and not gals plural, but Lifshin herself. Some negative encounters, but most of the time it’s a walloping WELCOME TO THE SEXUAL ENCOUNTER HERE AND NOW. As always tactile, visual, deep—psychological, perhaps Lifshin’s single most powerful book. They’re always powerful, but this one is screaming—not just for today’s reader, but down the road in time-travel classes about twenty-first century poetry that brings you irresistibly into the ecstatic,-squirming NOW.

~Hugh Fox

With Ballroom, my 30-year addiction to Lyn Lifshin is reaffirmed and continues, unabated. Each new Lifshin work unravels, ravels and reravels me, shocks me that I’m once again surprised at the author’s depth and range. Ballroom is an invitation to the dance of Mad Girls, lovers, obsession, self-doubt, growth, regressions, transgressions…so potent, sexual, and thought-provoking in ways only Lyn Lifshin can plumb. This book tantalizes, lets us find new sides of the author’s voice that have been living in the margins. Ballroom inspires the same freshness and glistening in me as did the very first book of Lyn's I read those 3 decades ago. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Lyn. I love this book.

~Ted Roberts

In Lyn Lifshin's latest collection of discrete-yet-linked poems, dance becomes an exquisite metaphor for obsessive yearning and desire. Form and content complement each other perfectly: Lifshin's language is as graceful, physical, and organic as dance itself.

~Janice Eidus, author of The Last Jewish Virgin & The War of the Rosens

A FEAST of a book....a very excellent volume for veteran Lifshin readers and a wonderfully wide ranging book for those new to Ms. Lifshin's art. I have learned long ago that there is no single "best" work by Ms. Lifshin...she is provocative, prolific and among the very best of America's contemporary poets. This book puts an exclamation point on that opinion.

~Edward Roberts



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