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RD. Armstrong, editor. Last Call: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski: The Saga Continues. Lummox Press (PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301).  ISBN: 1-929878-06-0. Publishing Date: March 2004. Genre: Poetry, fiction, essays & drawings; Trade Paper.  Pages: 124. Price: $15.99

41 writers, poets and illustrators show the influence of the late writer in their work. Order from - $19 (PPD)

"One important thing about Last Call is that the cumulative effect of this collection gives us all a better look at Charles Bukowski. Here, in some rare moments we can see that Bukowski the Icon really was a human being instead of some bloodless legend. And,
because we see him as a human being, we are somehow given permission to be human beings as well.

Last Call is not just about Bukowski’s legacy which seems like that has always been obvious. A book like this is never completely about the man it is about. Instead, this book is about a whole generation of writers who are or have been attempting to come to grips with not just Bukowski’s legacy but their own separate legacies as well. For that reason, Last Call: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski is important in the same way that the
memoirs of A. D. Winans and John Thomas are important. Books like Last Call help us understand Charles Bukowski. And, they also help us understand ourselves maybe just a little bit more."  
—Todd Moore

"It is the strength of his work that rolls on, like an errant hubcap, released and hurling towards the horizon, inspiring us to follow."
– RD Armstrong

Contact: RD Armstrong / PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301
(562) 331-4351




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