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Hesitant Commitments. Pris Campbell. Lummox Press, 2008. Chapbook,  31 pp., $6.00 (PPD), LRB 54.

Lummox Press, PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301  Lummoxpress.  PayPal.

The Little Red Book is a Lummox Press series featuring the work of American writers, primarily of poetry, who are most widely known in the Small Press.

Hesitant Commitments Five Stars from Emma Trelles (on a one to five scale)

This was such an intimate read, a memoir of sorts where the reader is led through the poet's circuitous journey through a years-long love affair. Some of the poems are sensual and filled with lust and touch. All of them are forthright. At times I felt like I was reading the journal of a well-traveled adventurer, a woman considering the grand passion that once consumed her even as she trekked through Greece or New Zealand, married a sailor, or dallied with a blues singer from Milan, who intrigued her but

"...never recited poetry, never
convinced me with his voice...
that anything past the ordinary was possible."

The look and feel of the book adds to the journal effect - it has a red cardstock cover with a hand-drawn illustration of a sinous shape. An abstraction of an inkwell? A woman? Hard to tell, but this chapbook fit right into my palm.

Emma Trelles, arts and culture journalist


'Cheryl Townsend, published poet and artist, has also reviewed Hesitant Commitments. Her review currently appears at Goodreads and will be published in two print journals in their winter issue.




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