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only the white. Max Verhart.
‘t schrijverke: Netherlands. 2008. 48 pages.  ISBN 978-90-809482-6-6. Photos & design by Max Verhart. Produced by, 4/2 B, L.I.G. Govindpur Colony, Allahabad-211004 (U.P.) India. Price: $12.00 US, postage not included. Order from Red Moon Press.

The book size is 21 x 21 cm. It has 48 pages,  30 of which have haiku and 15 with photo haiga, three of the photohaiga feature poems by Marlène Buitelaar, Jim Kacian and Santoka.


Max Verhart (1944, Netherlands) writes haiku in both Dutch and English. His works have been translated in at least ten other languages and were published in prominent haiku journals and anthologies all over the world as well as in several collections of his own.  He served four years as president of the Haiku Circle Netherlands and one year as European director for the World Haiku Association. At present he is chief editor of the Dutch/Flemish haiku quarterly Vuursteen (Flint), member of the editorial staff of the annual Red Moon Anthology (USA) and assistant editor for the American haiku journal Modern Haiku.

(from the back cover)




Commentary from English Language Journals



‘Interesting publication by this well known Dutch haijin. Strong haiku.’

~Blithe Spirit XVIII/3, September 2008. The British Haiku Society’s journal


 ‘Verhart's haiku rival those of prominent haiku poets for whom English is the first language.’

~George Swede in frogpond XXXI/3 2008, the Haiku Society of America’s journal


‘A collection of eighty-nine haiku in English and thirteen photo haiga by one of Europe’s best practitioners of both.’

~Charles Trumbull in Modern Haiku XV/1 winter-spring 2009


And from a Swedish review (in a translation by Marlène Buitelaar and Max Verhart):


The majority of these poems show Max Verhart again to be a prominent haiku poet. His three line descriptions of reality are concrete, original and have a surprising span between first and last line.

~Kaj Falkman in Haiku, the Swedish Haiku Society's journal


Note: the haiga 'only the white' is not contained in the book, though of course the haiku is.  The 'only the white' haiga image shows the American sax player David Murray, performing in a Dutch jazz club. The haiku was inspired by that particular performance.  Click here to view the haiga 'only the white'






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