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RD Armstrong (Raindog).
Fire and Rain Selected Poems 1993-2007 Volume 1. Publisher: Lummox Press (PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301). March 2008. Paperback book $19.00. Printed: 158 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink.

Subject: The first of two volumes of poetry by poet, publisher and raconteur RD Armstrong (aka Raindog). This volume contains 184 poems spanning 1993 to 1999.  Where to Purchase: for a signed copy, order from - $23 (PPD) or at


LUMMOX PRESS is pleased to announce the first major collection by poet RD Armstrong. RD has been involved with the alternative small press for over 15 years and has some fifteen books and chapbooks; this collection captures what the others have missed.

"This is a handsome collection of poetry by one of California's most prolific writers of poetry. Upon dipping into Fire and Rain, I could not help but take note of the quality of this collection: the quality of the poems and the clear writing style that the reader is offered with this book. Armstrong is ever the social critic, and the 184 poems included in this manuscript are a testament to his original vision. Working from the sweat of life, Armstrong is a talent that plants itself in your mind with his rough-and-ready voice of delicate lyric and refined narrative. He is a poet who does not creep from behind but is full-frontal in his twist of a line and his blue-collar sensibilities. To not recommend the work of RD Armstrong to new readers would be sinful and sad, because here is a poet with a voice that will challenge even the most hard-ass critics of poetry."– B. L. Kennedy

"RD Armstrong's 'Fire and Rain' is mostly all ball busters and roses. One of the best larger collections by an American poet, that this reader has read, in many moons" – Doug Draime

"For Armstrong the Blues are not played, but lived – his poems are the observations of a life lived raw. He hides no sin, expects no redemption and asks no forgiveness..." – Bill Gainer – poet, editor, publisher

"I read the poems you sent from FIRE and RAIN and even though I'm generally a Raindog-fan, I especially liked these a lot: "Wall to Wall Emptiness" and "The Poem Will Save You" and "C.R.A.P." is the best."
– Angela C. Mankiewicz

"Damn fine poems. You say things directly; without the smokescreen, without the academic mittens."  – Don Winter

"Wow I really like these poems. Where have you been hiding them?"
–Rebecca Morrison

"So many poets put out such boring stuff. Your book is really keeping me going. I highly recommend it. Love it, Raindog!" – Pris Campbell

CONTACT: RD Armstrong / PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301
(562) 331-4351




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