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Emily Romano. Ahaiga!   Shadows Ink Publications, March 2011.  ISBN 978-0-9828105-8-3  Price: $15.00 + shipping.  Size: 5.5" X 8.5" paperback, 20 color haiga/pages.

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Customer Review

"It has been said that meaningful art changes the viewer in some fundamental way. Emily Romano’s new book, AHAIGA!, has left me changed. AHAIGA! is a visual book in which the author presents computer generated art pieces paired with insightful haiku resulting in a memorable collection of haiga. One of my favorite pieces describes a garden seen through eyes clouded with cataracts, causing me to wonder how much of life do we all see through a lens clouded with our own experiences and prejudices.

cataracts –
her gardena Monet

Another I enjoyed pondering is a vividly graphic work in which the words are precisely yet randomly placed in the art so the viewer’s eyes repeat what the light in the piece is doing: “light finding a flower”. A reminder that anything worth finding requires looking and leisure to see, yet the resulting Aha! moment of discovery, whether of beauty in nature or of self awareness, is so often very moving.

AHAIGA! includes a wide range of subjects related to nature and human nature. The interplay of vibrant color with traditional and one-word haiku has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Highly recommended."

~Margaret R. Smith


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