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RD Armstrong. El Pagano and Other Twisted Tales. Lummox Press: August 2008. 118 pages. $17.99 ISBN: 978-1-929878-98-7.

Subject: Tales from the dark side of the street, this is the first major collection of short stories by RD Armstrong ever published. It is chock full of “noir” characters set in a “dime novel” world. It includes micro (flash) fiction from the Manx Tales, Art Fag (previously published in LAST CALL), and many other stories. If the reader is a fan of Bukowski’s stories or the work of Jim Thompson, then El Pagano is a must read.

Where to Purchase: for a signed copy, order from - $21 (PPD)
Also available at or through

Review Excerpts:

“I enjoyed reading El Pagano…still producing tough, sharp and emotional material.” – Alex Thiltges

“Out Bukowski’s Bukowski!”

“The Manx Tales by RD Armstrong... 15 semi-autobiographical tales of urban alienation & isolation – very internal, very intense. Plenty of ironic humor, & wry sex.” -- John Berbrich (From The Marrow, #5, March 2000) NY

Contact: RD Armstrong / PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301
(562) 331-4351



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