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Doug Draime. Rock 'n Roll Jizz.  Propaganda Press, 2010. $6.00.  76 pages.

Item #Z0145.  Quarter-page-sized, laser-printed, saddle-stapled poetry chapbook.  Dim.: 4 1/4” x 5 ½”; 76.0 pages.

Lang.: English

order from:
Alternating Current/Propaganda Press
PO Box 183
Palo Alto, Ca 94302

About Doug Draime

Doug Draime has been a presence in the 'underground' literary movement since the late 1960's. His most recent books in print are: For A Dream Ended  (Kendra Steiner Editions), Los Angeles Terminal: Poems 1971-1980  (Covert Press), and Rock 'n Roll Jizz  (Propaganda Press). Draime was awarded PEN grants in 1987 and 1991. He was nominated for five Pushcart Prizes in the last three years. He currently lives and writes in Ashland, Oregon.


Doug Draime is a poet for the ages, whose words of yesteryore are not filled with if-only's and shoulda-woulda-coulda's, but instead are blistered, bleeding, and broken through the skin with pure punk-fucking-rock. This book defines a generation raised on Elvis and Robert Johnson, air guitar and hard nightlife, James Dean and Marlon Brando, with a chug of whiskey, a dirty syringe, a couple of lonesome sighs, and a swift kick to any throat that's lost for words and fumbling for drink.

In Rock 'n Roll Jizz, Draime nails the nostalgia without clinging to the sentimental, makes those moments when rock 'n' roll was young seem accessible to anyone, as if it were the firsthand experience of the whole world, without sounding like an already-overdone spinning record of remember-when. You'll end up wanting to dust off those musty blues 45's, drop one needle on the record and one in your arm, sport that patched-up leather jacket, and walk yourself to Basin Street via Positively 4th Street, not forgetting to hit up Peggy Sue at Heartbreak Hotel and swing by Blueberry Hill on the way.

When rock 'n' roll was young, there was a romantic magic in the wild hearts of the generation's youth that will never be found again. It was a time period on the verge of bridging one of the greatest generation gaps in modern history; and if you weren't there, you weren't there. Until now. Draime's in-depth look at the generation, music, influences, atmosphere, and pop culture that shaped him will take you there. With a side of rocks. And a few stitches.

Copies can now be purchased online; or through the mail for $6 (plus $2 US shipping; $3 out-of-US shipping) via cash, check, or money order made out to Angstman Arts, and mailed to Alternating Current, PO Box 183, Palo Alto CA 94302 USA; or via PayPal with the email address All authors on our press receive royalties for each copy sold.

~Propaganda Press


For only $6 you will never look at rock 'n roll the same again. Be the first rocker on your block to own one. Help spread the word , Elvis and I are counting on you, And we thank ya' very much for your time.

"Draime never ceases to amaze. Rock 'n Roll Jizz is raunchy, profane, and revolutionary".

-~Jake Wilde, Box Top Five



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