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Doug Dramie. More than the Alley. Interior Noise Press: 2012. 144 pages: Perfect Bound: 5.5" x 8.5"    $15.00.  ISBN 9780981660660

About Doug Draime

Doug Draime has been a presence in the underground literary movement since the late 1960's. He lives in Ashland, Oregon with wife and family.

Zoot Sims Crying


through the gruesome
plaster walls

there were bloody
screams earlier
of fuck you, asshole!
and I'll kill you bitch!

and something horrid
like screaming death, pounding
again and again

on the unyielding linoleum floor

but now there is only jagged
laughter, the clanging of glasses

and Zoot Sims his sax
crying Autumn Leaves


through the gruesome
plaster walls

so softly

it breaks my heart




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