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Šopyright Sign. Daniela Bullas: United Kingdom (Great Britain), 2007. 84 pages, 6" x 9", casewrap-hardcover binding, black and white interior ink. $18.15 Hardcover book; $2.41 Download from



(C)opyright Sign  includes poems spanning between stanzas and verse paragraphs, between metaphor and catachresis... between you and me.  It can be downloaded as an electronic book or you can order it in BOOK  form that will be mailed to you. BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!

Why read and own this book? Through books we broaden knowledge, stimulate curiosity, stretch imagination, develop skills (i.e. reasoning, analysing, lateral thinking) and allow relaxation. Why buy books? Because they last for years! Spending money on an experience of the 'you have to be there' type (i.e. go skiing) and pretty soon, you've got nothing tangible to show for it! Therefore: enjoy reading!




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