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Cold Mountain: transcendental poetry by the T'ang Zen poet Han-Shan. English translation by Wandering Poet. 2008.

ISBN: 978-0-615-16006-1   Printed: 96 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink.

United States Paperback book $16.00

Download $5.00  Available from Lulu.

COLD MOUNTAIN Transcendental Poetry is a revised and expanded edition containing 77 original translations of poems by the T'ang Zen poet, Han-Shan. The introduction includes a biography of the poet, written with information taken from the poems themselves. The poems were found written on rocks and trees in a remote, mountainous region on the China coast south of Shanghai. They tell the story of a gentle recluse and of his long life on Cold Mountain as a "guest" of nature, living in a cave and foraging for food. Though simple and childlike, the poems are majestic and have the power to lift the reader to share a moment in the poet's heaven. These poems are rich with metaphor. Each has been carefully translated and well-polished. And they are close to the heart of Cold Mountain.

"I found that reading these transcendental poems was very peaceful. When you find yourself looking for deeper meaning in your life 'Cold Mountain' is the perfect book to help you find it."

~Paige Lovitt,




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