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PHANEROS: a selection of Lanternes.  Brian Strand. April 2007 by the Author, Printed by Parchments of Oxford. Contains 55 lanternes. 5 or $10 U.S. from Brian Strand via email,

from the Forward:

"The selection of poems in this lanterne anthology complements my booklet Poiema published in late 2006 which contained many Ekphrasis in the lanterne form and is the fifth booklet in my series on short poetic forms.

The lanterne has been described as a 'half American cinquain' ie. a five line verse with 11 instead of 22 syllables in the sequence 1:2:3:4:1. Often it has an integral title which can form a 'sixth' line to the poem. The form can extended sequentially into two or three stanzas to make it into a longer poem. Sometimes the lanterne may be epigrammatic. Often the form adopts the 'turn' or 'surprise' feature of its sister forms the Cinqku or Cinquain. This truly versatile poetic format deserves its place amongst the five line image forms derived from our English speaking culture".

About the Author:

Brian Strand lives in Buckinghamshire, England (where he was born) and is now retired. Becoming a committed Christian in 1987was the stimulus that led to writing poetry, articles and essays and then pursuing painting and art as a retirement hobby.

Some of Brian's writings (and some artwork) have been published in a variety of small press magazines including Linkway, Quantum Leap, Areopagus, Creature Features, Poetry Church, Amaze, and Sketchbook and other similar
internet/print poetry magazines.

Four earlier booklets in this poetry series were, Shorthand of the Heart, Flowers of Life, Poiema and Informel: an illustrative art book of Ekphrasis in Tanga form. Brian has also self-published a poetry series of image, doublet, love and Christian poems plus two booklets on his paternal and maternal family history and an ongoing Christian series Things Spiritual, Things Pastoral and Things Theological.

Brian moderates the online Yahoo image poetry group Quintile-Imago and contributes art and poetry articles to Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia.



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