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Billy Jones. Crazy Bone. Lummox Press –, 562-331-4351 $15.00.



Lummox Press is pleased to announce the publication of Crazy Bone, the first American collection of poetry by Billy Jones. The publication date for Crazy Bone is August, 2012. The book will sell for $15 USD. Buy direct from  Click on the Crazy Bone link.

BIO: Billy Jones was an artist, poet and emotional expatriate born in Camden, New Jersey in 1935 where Walt Whitman died. He quit high school, joined the Marines, then went back to school on the GI Bill majoring in American Literature at LA State. He migrated to Australia from Stockholm in 1967. In addition to his previously published poetry collections and numerous exhibitions, he has kept a journal of drawings, paintings, poetry and every day events since June 28, 1975. Started as a hermit on the riverbank in a she-oak grove at Mary Smokes Creek five weeks after his then girlfriend, Diane Kelly, was killed in a car accident, he was working on volume 167 (ME & MY GANG OF ALTER EGOS) when he died ---100,000 pages, 4500 illustrations. Overall title: THE ILLUMINATION OF BILLY BONES.

Billy Jones died on July 3, 2012 at the age of 77. It was a sad loss for those who knew him.

Billy Jones passed away in early July, 2012, while this, his first American book was still in the planning stages. His death came swiftly. He died at home surrounded by those he loved…his daughter, his brother and his art and literature. This book is my “testimonial” to Billy’s greatness. It contains numerous illustrations and poems, examples of his unique style and scope. It has been laid out exactly as he wanted, to honor my fallen friend and comrade. It’s my hope that this book will bring a new interest to this wonderful human being. In a true sense, this is his last will and testament.

The mission of Lummox Press is to broaden the audience for poetry through publishing poetry that is well-crafted, regardless of the style or fame of the author and to demonstrate the power of poetry to transform lives through readings, talks and publications.

Lummox Press –, 562-331-4351


"As we all know, Billy was a very special person…a complete one-of . . . whose relationship, articulateness and revelations between nature, art and poetry opened all of our eyes and gave us a language for the ineffable."

~Eve Stafford

“He is a no-borders man. His love of life startles me into joy. Even a serious illness brings him poems and wisdom and art. Even his fears take wing and fly over beauty. I am a long time admirer and fan of Billy, and a friend. I introduce him with affection and respect and love.”

~Anne Menebroker

“A unique American expatriate poet in Australian outback w/a soul as fine as a dingo dog & as big as the universe & as beautiful & wild as a Van Gogh sunflower.”

~Fred Voss




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