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Andrea Cecon: Ten Little Haibuns, Vol. II. Tatiana Kosach, Illustrator. Kindle e-book edition available from   Published February 12, 2012. 71 KB. Includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.  $ 2.00


Andrea Cecon: Born in 1973 and residing in Cividale, (Italy) with his wife, Russian haijin Valeria Simonova-Cecon. Published in several countries worldwide, this is his second journey into haibun poetry.

Tatiana Kosach: Born and residing in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). Painter with a specialization in tempera painting, she paints icons, illustrated books and also graphic works with pen and brush. Some of her works are in private collections in Europe, USA and Middle-East.


Discovering haiku in the traveller's life, discovering life via the traveller's haiku - "Ten Little haibuns vol. II" offers to its readers the possibility to explore the genre of haibun under different perspectives. This ebook is wonderfully illustrated by Tatiana Kosach, a talented Russian painter who lives in Saint-Petersburg.



It's not far from our friend's house to the border, even if it means you have to cross almost the whole country to get there. Another friend of ours lives just across the border and is waiting for us.

We take a train. All passengers are tidy and very quiet. I try to write something, but I can't: I'm very tired. I sleep... I dream. I see houses with red brick walls and large windows. Behind one of them there's a beautiful woman with long hair, completely naked. Her hands are on the window but she doesn't seem to want anyone's attention. The train stops. I wake.

I ask Valeria to translate the loudspeaker's message from the French: someone has committed suicide on the railway track. We must wait. We arrive in the late evening. Our friend Matteo is at the station. We hug and then he asks "how was the trip?"

train across Belgium --
after the nap
the same landscape

~from Ten Little Haibuns, Vol. II.



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