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an'ya: seasons of a hermitess
Armstrong, RD (Raindog):
El Pagano and Other Twisted Tales
Armstrong, RD (Raindog):
Fire and Rain
Armstrong, RD (Raindog): On/Off The Beaten Path: The Road Poems
Armstrong, RD (Raindog): Last Call: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski: The Saga Continues
Babusci, Pamela A.: A Thousand Reasons: Tanka
Baker, Ed: goodnight
Baker, Ed:
Restoration Poems
Baker, Ed:
Things Just Come Through
Bar-Lev, Helen:
Animals are Nature's Poetry
Bar-Lev, Helen: Cyclamens And Swords
Bar-Lev, Helen and Johnmichael Simon The Muse in the Suitcase

Bar-Lev, Helen and Katherine L. Gordon: In Moonlight The Sky Will Slide
Bullas, Daniela: (C)opyright Sign
Campbell, Pris: Hesitant Commitments
Campbell, Pris: Sea Trails
Chakrabarty, Amitave: So I Used Gray and Other Poems
Cirino, Leonard J: The Instrument of Others
Cox, Gillena: moments;
Pink Crush

Dickel, Michael: The World Behind it, Chaos
Draime, Doug: Rock 'n Roll Jizz
Emorine, Denis:
Closing Time
Farley, Joseph: Longing for the Mother Tongue
England ed., Gerald: The Art of Haik

Gendrano, Victor P.: Rustle of Bamboo Leaves
Gordon, Catherine L. and Trish Shields: Coast Lines

Gordon, Catherine L. and Helen Bar-Lev: In Moonlight The Sky Will Slide

Green, Phyllis Jean: Above and Beyond
Gripp, Andreas: Anathema: Poems Selected & New
Gripp, Andreas: The Language of Sparrows
Gripp, Andreas:
Like Darwin Among the Gods
Gripp, Andreas: Beads on Blossoms

Holder, Doug.: The Man in the Booth in the Midtown Tunnel
Higginson, William J.: The Haiku Handbook

Irvine, John: Rat atouille for the Rindless
Iuppa, M.J.: Night Traveler
Kacian, Jim:
Presence of Mind
Kaplan, Jayne: Annie and The Only One Problem Bear
Kei, M., editor: Fire Pearls
Kei, M.:
Heron Sea: Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay
Kolodji, Deborah P.,
unfinished book
Lifshin, Lyn: All The Poets Who Have Touched Me
Lifshin, Lyn: Ballroom
Lifshin, Lyn: Lost in the Fog
Lyubenova, Maya: Flecks of blue - an English-Bulgarian Haiku Collection
Mankiewicz, Angela Consolo:
As If
Mocanu, Cristian: Cobweb
Mukhopadhyay, Aju: Insect's Nest and Other Poems

Mukhopadhyay, Aju: Short Verse Delight
Mukhopadhyay, Aju: Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
Odeh, Rita: Watching the Bud of Dream

Padhy, P. K.: The Tiny Pebbles

Roman, Emily: Ahaiga!
Sahoo, Dr. Sarojini: The Dark Abode
Scripca, Iolands: Lava of My Soul
Shields, Trish and Katherine Gordon:
Coast Lines
Shields, Trish:
Spirit Harest
Smith, Monica E.: Kindred: A Family Portrait
Strand, Brian:
Flowers of Life,
Strand, Brian: Phaneros, A Selection of Lanternes,
Strand, Brian: Poiema: Ekphrasis Poems,
Strand, Brian: Shorthand of the Heart

Stone, Michael E.: Selected Poems
Summers and Roger Brown:
The Poetic Image
Thompson, Marc:
Oklahoma Heat
Truex, Bridgit: Strong as Silk
Verhart, Max: only the white

Wandering Poet: Cold Mountain
Winans, A. D.:
Marking Time
Winans, A. D.:
The Reagan Psalms CD
Winans, A. D.:
San Francisco Blues
Winans, A. D.: San Francisco Poems
Winans, A. D.:
whispers from hell

Young, Quendryth: The Whole Body Singing









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