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Short Verse Delight. Aju Mukhopadhyay. Prasoon Publication 168, Swapnil Housing Board Colony, Sec-7 Extn, Gurgaon-122001. Rs. 95 each.


Aju Mukhopadhyay, a bilingual poet and writer, a member of the Coordination Committee of The Haiku Society of India, member of the World Haiku Club and other bodies, has been contributing poems of Japanese genre to various magazines and ezines, national and
international, for many years. Some of his poems are categorized as 'Editor's Choice', some are arranged as 'Honourble Mention' some are shown as 'Haiku of Merit', etc. One of his poems with translations in Bangla and Romanian has been published in the anthology of haiku poems, 'One Thousand Cranes', published from Romania, as the only contribution from India. His poems have been translated and included in some anthologies. This is his seventh book of poems in English and second of this variety with 100 selected haiku and 30 tanka poems besides four relevant essays published in different Indian magazines. They speak of the poet's creations and creative ideas; the position of short verse in the world of poetry, the introduction of haiku in India by Tagore who himself created no haiku, Tagore's short verse and its comparative position and lastly, what is haiku and the recent trend in haiku movement.


Some excerpts from the critiques of his first book of such poems, Short Verse Vast Universe, may give some idea about the quality of his verses. Every word has a special effect; every stanza reveals a lot and every poem goes deep into the essence of the mind. Expressing Haiku is a talent that not many can possess and Mr. Aju Mukhopadhyay is so well-versed in the art that every line of the poem infuses meditation and devotion.

~Dr. Shubha Mukherjee in Poetcrit and Contemporary Vibes
Short Verse Delight

“Concise expression, clarity, sensory immediacy, and an allusive quality of hinting at rather than stating explicitly are the hall marks of good short poems of Japanese origin, and these attributes are central to Mukhopadhyay's poems.

~Patricia Prime in Poets International

A Chapbook of thirty pages reveals the enlightened genius of Aju Mukhopadhyay who has amazingly mastered the art of writing haiku, tanka and short verse. His latest book under review is a flowing cascade but zigzagging its way, not flowing within the confines of concretized elbowing pavements.

~Contemporary Vibes




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