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Above and Below. Phyllis Jean Green. Pudding House Publications, February, 2007. 34 Pages.  ISBN-10: 1589984897

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Above and Below


The themes in this book range from what it is like to be living on the street in the winter, the way time stretches for children playing outside on a warm summer evening, and the ephemeral beauty of a sun-dappled pond; settings from post-Katrina New Orleans, a freshman dorm, a sleet-slick city street, and a milk train hurtling through the night. Many of the poems in the chapbook are autobiographical. All strive for the kind of universality that makes a reader say, I really relate.

The writing bug bit Phyllis Jean Green at age 8. A small essay prize at 12 sealed the deal. She was not able to write regularly until her children were grown and she finished her education. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction began meeting acceptance in 1986. Her experiences as a speech and language pathologist working with brain-injured adults and people with developmental disorders eventually added grist to her mill. In 1999, Diverse City Press published a special education-related biography biography she wrote on behalf of Patricia M. Apple. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications, on and off the Web.. Her awards include first prize, Dan Sullivan Memorial Contest; first prize, Poetic Liberty, and multiple Sensations Magazine awards. Other credits include Timbuktu, Sulphur River, Visions, Snow Monkey, The Pedestal Magazine, Cold Mountain Press anthologies, and a Thunder-Rain Press anthology. She only recently began writing haiku. Taj Mahal Review and Harvests of New Millennium [India] have published a number. Pudding House published her chapbook, Above and Below. A former L'Intrigue editor and contributor, she writes for Angels That Care, an organization dedicated to reducing domestic violence and helping victims and their families. Her affiliations include the NC Poetry Society. The Illinois native's interest include art in virtually any form, history, psychology, movies, crostics, flora and fauna, and Nicky the Dog. She and her husband live near alma mater UNC-Chapel Hill. They have three great grandchildren and one on the way.

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Read selected poems from Above and Below.


Discover and Celebrate! In Phyllis Jean Green's ABOVE AND BELOW readers discover and celebrate the voice of an exceptional modern poet whose work and words drench suffering with compassion, history with relevance, and human love with soulful depth. This is a title to greedily savor for oneself and to make a gift of to others--something we especially should not overlook as we observe National Poetry Month.

Aberjhani -"Best Poet/Spoken Word Artist,” CONNECT SAVANNAH

Review by John Amen, The Pedestal Magazine
I sat outside yesterday and read the collection in its entirety, twice. I like these pieces very much! Many of the pieces have that wonderful epistolary style that I mentioned to you before. You employ that approach so well--a kind of informality, an organic flow. I really sensed that in the opening poem as well as in various parts of many other poems. I enjoyed "Recovery, Pha
se II," the melancholy philosophy of "Comeback!," "Ink Drawing." Of course, it was great to see "Aliases Tackle..." again. I like that poem very much. "Twilight to Who Knew..." strikes me as a very poignant and sincere piece, and I appreciated it's directness. "Zoo-Logic" struck me as somewhat whimsical, which I appreciated very much, too. I think the final poem, "Hope," carries a powerful and encouraging message and is a great way to close the collection. I'm glad that Pudding House put this collection out.

John Amen, Publisher of The Pedestal Magazine, Poet, Author, Musician, and Artist

Review by R.C. Rutherford, The Moonwort Review. When I first published Phyllis Jean Green’s poetry, I thought she was in her 20’s. Her poetry exhibits a youthful and energetic voice, often interesting and humorous. It is that voice moving from soulful to sophisticated that captures my attention and admiration.

Robert Rutherford, former editor of The Moonwort Review

Review by Poet Elizabeth Price
I read this book and was thoroughly entranced. Truly original, diverse and compassionate. A thoroughly passionate write. Excellent.

Liz Price




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