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Current Selections
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Brian Strand  
Haiku and Tanka Harvest Postscripts to the Dead Letters to Sa´da Rootless Soul Naked
Victor P. Gendrano Pris Campbell Denis Emorine Iolanda Scripca
Pink Crush Closing Time Ahaiga! The Tiny Pebbles
Gillina Cox Denis Emorine Emily Romano P. K. Padhy
Whispers All The Poets Who Have Touched Me So I Used Gray and Other Poems Selected Poems
Kareen O'Leary Lyn Lifshin Amitava Chakrabarty: Michael Stone


Rock 'n Roll Jizz

Short Verse Delight

Insect's Nest and Other Poems

Lyn Lifshin

Doug Draime

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Longing For The Mother Tongue Rambles: Outings with a Wayward Muse The Man In The Booth In The Midtown Tunnel Lava of My Soul
Joseph Farley, US Tom Berman, IL Doug Holder, US Iolanda Scripca, US
Flecks of blue - an English-Bulgarian Haiku Collection The Nature of Attraction The Piercing Blue of Sirius this is visual poetry
Maya Lyubenova, BG Pris Campbell and Scott Owens Larry Kimmel, US Ed Baker, US
Love - Zero

Saturday Nights at the Crystal Ball

After All This Time

A Pledge to Forever

A. D. Winans, US

   Sharon Auberle, US

Susan Rosenberg, IL

Susan Rosenberg, IL


The Muse in the Suitcase

In Moonlight The Sky Will Slide

Rat atouille for the rindless

Helen Bar-Lev and Johnmichael Simon

Katherine L. Gordon and Helen Bar-Lev

John Irvine


Cold Mountain

only the white

Annie and The Only One Problem Bear

Wandering Poet

Max Verhart

Jayne Kaplan


Kindred: A Family Portrait

Sea Trails


Monica E. Smith

Pris Campbell

Andreas Gripp


A Thousand Reasons: Tanka Night Traveler


Pamela A. Babusci M.J. Iuppa

Ed Baker


       A Dark Abode

    The Worldbehind it, Chaos

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Above and Below

  Dr. Sarojini Sahoo

       Michael Bickel

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Phyllis Jean Green

Restoration Poems As If Hesitant Comitments The Throu-Gaun Chiel: scots haiku
Ed Baker Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Pris Campbell John McDonald

Marking Time El Pagano Lost in the Fog The Whole Body Singing
A. D. Winans RD Armstrong Lyn Lifshin Quendryth Young
On/Off The
Beaten Path:
The Road Poems
Last Call:
The Legacy of
Charles Bukowski
Seasons of a hermitess: 101 haiku by an'ya Beads on Blossoms
R D Armstrong RD Armstrong an'y Andreas Gripp

The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku Fire Pearls: Masterpieces of the Human Hart Heron Sea: Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay: Tanka and Other Short Forms Fire and Rain  
William J. Higginson with Penny Harter M. Kei, Editor M. Kei RD Armstrong  
Cyclamens And Swords Animals Are Nature's Poetry
Helen Bar-Lev Helen Bar-Lev
moments The Poetic Image
Gillena Cox Alan Summers and Roger Brown

Presents of Mind Oklahoma Heat

Things Just Come Through

The Art of Haiku
Jim Kacian Marc Thompson Ed Baker Gerald England, ed.


Cobweb Like Darwin Among the Gods The Language of Sparrows Watching the Buds of Dream
Cristian Mocanu Andreas Gripp Andreas Gripp Rita Odeh


Flowers of Life Poiema: Ekphrasis poems Shorthand of the Heart Phaneros
Brian Strand Brian Strand Brian Strand Brian Strand


unfinished book (C)opyright Sign Coast Lines Spirit Harvest
 Deborah P. Kolodji Daniela Bullas Trish Shields Trish Shields


San Francisco Blues whispers from hell Rustle of Bamboo Leaves
A. D. Winans A. D. Winans Victor P. Gendrano





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