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As If. Angela Consolo Mankiewicz. Lummox Press: San Pedro, CA, 2008.  Little Red Book Series: # 55.  36 pages. $6.00.

Lummox Press, PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733-5301  Lummoxpress.  PayPal.

Although Consolo Mankiewicz is very preoccupied with poetic forms like madrigals, when you read her poetry, form is totally forgotten as you are overwhelmed by the depths of her observations. Here the meditative center is Time, Death, Maximization of The Now:

Standard advice to the diseased...
Don't dwell...don't let it
consume you, don't speculate

live your life not what-if,
but as-if...

...thumbs upthumbs
is not deferrable;
neither is hope,
a burden of manners
immortality imposed,
a gesture
to tame madness
into constructs
of treatments, checkups...
functioning normally,
without notice, as if
you're still
like everyone else.

from As If, p.33.

Nowhere else on the contemporary scene can you find such a touching, realistic, moving series of poems about mortality and survival. Perfect poetry, but as you read it you keep wishing that she'd do another meditative book similar to Krech's buddhistic musings that skips poetic form altogether and just tells it like it is across the table while you're sitting having a small, skim latt
with Angela under the down-sliding sun and passing clouds.

--Hugh Fox April, 2008




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