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Hope - A Star for Me


When parents don't have a choice and die
And all alone survive the loss
As I lie down to sleep at night
They send in dreams A Star For Me...
When Motherhood gets disappointing
And all alone survive the loss
I borrow scissors from my heart
With trembling hands I cut A Star For Me
When trains don't stop and soul mate's gone
And all alone survive the loss
I row by boat on lakes with moons,
I jump and catch reflections of A Star For Me
When I am old, and years fly by
And all alone survive the loss
I won't be sad, would even smile
As I lie down, a final sight...
...A Star For Me...





'Twas a night before Blue Light Specials, when all through Ebay
Not a bargain was found, not even an iPod
The stockings were empty and coupons in disarray
In hopes that Uncle Sam will bring me a rod
The children were angry: "We want our money!!!"
With visions Three Dimensional dancing in their heads
I, mamma, in my 'kerchief pulling hair looked so funny
Had to get second job selling relaxing, cool beds...
When out in the driveway arguments and loud chatter
I sprang out of my office, see neighbor and Repo Santa
I went out to calm them and asked what was the matter
"Need to get his wheels", said he while drinking a "Fanta"
And away Santa flew, ere he drove out of sight
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!"



Homeless San Diego Freeway Five To Heaven


Invasion of tears on a lonely street
I crash spheres of sadness that burst with a sigh
There's no one to tear me apart I can meet?
..a Lexus is lost and the driver is shy...

The freezing orchestra plays in my head
Police sirens as one play with my memory
A voice seems to utter " They will give us bread !!!"
As tearing, lost souls head for the Crematory.

I dream I wake up as pure as a kid
"No More Tears" - a shampoo bottle promises in vain
This time though white traces of a salty skid
Releases my heart, my hopes and my pain...





Indian Giver


I met a "God Sent" Indian Giver once
A theater costume manager named Hans
Acting on stage
I felt just rage
He chased me shouting: "Give me back my pants!"



Iolanda Scripca, US—Two Ekphrastic Poems: I wonder...; Juliet's Last Sonnet

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