Sketchbook Author Index ~ March / April 30, 2011: Vol. 6, No. 2

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Author Index ~ March / April 30, 2011: Vol. 6, No. 2

                     Authors                                 Countries                                                                 Genre & Title

an'ya US Book Fair: Seasons of a hermitess
Anand, Ramesh MY Haiku
Anderson, Karin AU

Four Ekphrastic Poems: Ekphrastic Dorsimbra: Love's Compromise, Ekphrastic Fibonacci Palindrome: Autumnal Light & Sound, Karin Anderson, AU and Andrea PedurEkphrastic Free Verse: Secret Feelings, Ekphrastic Villanelle: Strawberry Fair: Childwriter's Sketchbook: Quatrains: Bubbles

Armbruster, Judi and Duane   Collaborative Haiga: a scented whisper
Bongcaron, Wille R. PH Poem This Picture: Haiku
Buitelaar, Marlene NL Haigay: Unfinished Sweater: Betty Kaplan, US; Max Verhart, NL and Marlene Buitelaar, NL
Ciobīcă, Cezar-Florin RO Haiku
Curtiss, Paul US Free Verse With Random Rhyme: Under the 18th Street Bridge
Debeljacki, SR SR Haiku
Dohle, Mark US Let Us Pray: Free Verse: Caring
Farley, Joseph US Free Verse: Void, Slithy Toves, The Visitors, Down But Not Out, Lost and Along For the Ride, A Liar By Trade and Practice, The Clowns; Let Us Pray: Free Verse: the state of things, Praise to the decorator, Listen up
Fay, Ignatius CA Haiku
*Fogel, AL US Senryu Sequence: Take Me Out To The Baseball Game
Gieske, Bernard US

 Let Us Pray: Free Verse: GRACE and the LAMB; Childwriter's Sketchbook: Quatrains: A Hat To Sail The Seas; Bernard Gieske, US and Scott Tallman Powers, US—Ekphrastic Poem: The Woodcarver's Daughter; Bernard Gieske, US and Jeff Faust, US—Ekphrastic Poem: A Brief Moment; Bernard Gieske, US and Jeremy Lipking, US: Ekphrastic Double Etheree: Skyler at Five; Poem This Picture Contest: Haiku, Couplets: Knocking

*Gupta, Rohini IN   Four Yotsumono Renku
Hacket, Phillip US Free Verse: Suffer The Children To Play, Without Chop Sticks, Beneath The Sweltering Sun, Gamen, Gentle People, Tears of Joy, The Mission for Joana, On Rue Royale, West of Boston, For Daniella; Tanka
Hall, Don and Judi CA Collaborative Haiga: a late spring; craft fair
Hardison, Day US Cinquain
Holder, Doug US Contributing Editor: Take A Walk
Howard, Elizabeth US Tanka; Free Verse: Undertow, Checkmate, A Firm Hand
Ilnicki, Richard   Let Us Pray: Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami
Khan, Munia BG

Khan, Munia BD: Villanelle: Can You Embrace?; Pantoum: You Are Free

Johnson, Michael Lee US Free Verse: Lost in a Distant Harbor, A Willow Branch, Witches and Queen, One Day Words, A Patch of Green
Kaplan, Betty US Haigay: Unfinished Sweater: Betty Kaplan, US; Max Verhart, NL and Marlene Buitelaar, NL
Maretić, Tomislav CR   Four Yotsumono Renku
Mariotti, Celine Rose US Quatrains: Little Miss Ladybug
Martin, Thomas US Tanka Sequence: London
Martyres, Sandra IN

Fibonacci: Winter Nights; Villanelle: The Wedding Ceremony; Pantoum: You Are Free: Waltz Wave: The Monkeys and the Plums

Massingham, Joe AU Free Verse: Swan Song, The Swan
Mayr, Diane US Collaborative Haiga: fishing at dawn: Diane Mayr, US, Poet and Peter Newell, Illustrator; Diana Mayr and HiroshigeCollaborative Haiga: if not for the scent; Photo Haiga: between the strip mall; Tanka
McPherson, Tracy US Free Verse: The Tapestry, Ghost Love, Old Beau, Forgiveness, Lost Colors
Moore, Shanna Baldwin US Shanna Baldwin Moore, US—Tanka: Maui; Free Verse: Magic, Brimstone, Pathway of the Gods;  Pele is all wet; Haiku; Senryu; Kyoka
Mukhopadhyay, Aju IN  Poem This Picture: Couplets: Mismatch
*Ngo, Deborah Rachel SG Watercolour  for Collaborative Haiga: Voluptuous rose; Haiga: Rainbow
O'Leary, Karen US Cinquain: Of One Song: Childwriter's Sketchbook: Haiga: friendship; Haiku; "flower(s)" Haiku Thread
Olson, Norman J. US Art Gallery
Padhy, P. K. IN Haiku; Book Fair: The Tiny Pebbles
Pogorilic, Marija Andjela CR

Photographer: Collaborative Photo Haiga: bouquet of violes

Pogorilic, Josip CR Photographer: Collaborative Haiga: fragrance
*Poirer, Marion Alice US Haiku
*Poyner, Sunney US Let Us Pray: Quatrains: Confidence
Ragsdale, Russell H. KZ Haiku for Collaborative Haiga: Voluptuous rose
Scripca, Iolanda US Free Verse: The Return; Transversal; Ekphrastic Epulaeryu: Tooty Fruity Creme Brulee
Sharma, Bamdev IN Free Verse: Vegetable Vendor
Simmonds, Keith A. TT Poem This Picture Contest: Haiku
*Singh, Jasvinder IN Free Verse: She and I, Elusions All The Way
Stefanova, Vania BG Haiga: paper boats
Uniyal, Sunil IN Poem This Picture Contest: Free Verse: Untitled; Tanka
Verhart, Max NL Haigay: Unfinished Sweater: Betty Kaplan, US; Max Verhart, NL and Marlene Buitelaar, NL
Vukelic-Rozic, Djurdja CR Quatrain: Because I Love Thee: Photo Haiga: Thumbnails; Photo Haiga: first buds; falling off the bike; Beware of the bees; fragrance; bouquet of violes
Wannberg, Scott US Free Verse: Sledgehammer Momma Blues, Chris Gaffney
Wassman, Diane US Poem This Picture Contest: Haiku
Whitman, Neal US Poem This Picture Contest: Free Verse: Shuttering
*Wilson, Juliet UK Juliet Wilson, UK: Free Verse: Blues; Fumbling; Desolation
Wright, F. N. US Free Verse: First Love, Suppertime

* Denotes first Sketchbook Appearance


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"flower(s)" Haiku Thread

"Spring's end" Kukai Results


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