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Shanna Baldwin Moore

November Haiga   


November 31, 2006, Volume 1, No. 2



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Cinqku, Cinquain, Fibonacci, Free Verse, Haibun, Haiga, Haiku, Lanterne, Light Verse, Renku, Sestina, Shanzi, Sijo, Sonnet, Tanka


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Announcing December 2006 Kukai

The December 2006 Kukai will be the all winter kigo, hunt. Haiku submitted for this kukai must contain the word "hunt, hunts, hunting, or hunter" on any of the three lines. Haiku may be submitted from December 1 – 18 (Monday); voting will be from December 19-24 (Satuday) 2006. The results will be published in the December 30, 2006 Sketchbook.


Announcing December 2006 Haiku Thread

For December 2006 the theme for the monthly thread will be “outer wear”—by this we mean an external garment or covering that humans wear. The thread will run from December 1 - 24 (Saturday), 2007. The Editor's Choice Haiku will be selected from this thread for the 30 December, 2006 Sketchbook. Rita Odeh will lead the thread.




Special Features

 Betty Kaplan and Max Verhart: Rengay
     The Treasure Inside
     Pounding Woofers
Middle of Nowhere

 Book Fair:
The Art of Haiku, Gerald England, ed.
     Spirit Harvest, Trish Shields
unfinished book, Deborah P. Kolodji
     Flowers of Life, Brian Strand
     Shorthand of the Heart, Brian Strand
     Poiema: Ekphrasis poems,  Brian Strand
     Things Just Come Through, Ed Baker
     Cobweb, Cristian Mocanu
     Watching the Buds of Dream, Rita Odeh
     The Language of Sparrows, Andreas Gripp
      Like Darwin Among the Gods, Andreas Gripp
      Presents of Mind, Jim Kacian
      Oklahoma Heat, Marc Thompson

 Ed Baker:  Yoko Ono Runs: Free Verse

 Karina Klesko and Vaughn Seward: RYOGIN (A
 `Renku Duet): A Chrysalis in the Burl

   The Return of the Swans
      Photographs by Kevin Ryan
      Poem by Trish Shields



Editor's Monthly Haiku Choice

    First Choice:
       Yvette d'Anjou, Betty Kaplan

    Second Choice:
       Rita Odeh, Cristian Mocanu, Shanna
       Baldwin Moore, Daniela Bullas

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Featured Article

    Poets as Teachers, John P. Van Mater
        Reprinted from Sunrise Magazine


 2006 November Rain Kukai

  First Place:

Zhanna P. Rader, US
Karina Klesko, US

  Second Place:

Zhanna P. Rader, US

  Third Place:

Karina Klesko, US
Zhanna P. Rader, US

   Fourth Place:

Daniela Bullas
Yevette d'Anjou
John Daleiden
Trish Shields
Zhanna Rader

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From The Editor's Desks

Karina Klesko

John Daleiden


Contest Information

   12-31-06: Zen Garden Haiku Contest



A Writer's Handbook

   Lanterne: Illuminating the Way

Sestina: Song of the Troubadours


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Helen Bar-Lev, Artist, Poet
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