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December 31, 2006, Volume 1, No. 3—Free Verse: South of Market, Reality, Walking the Streets Again, High on a Hill, Adult Disneyland, Looking Back, Christmas Poem, Heat Wave, How to Spot a Yuppie

January 31, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 1—Photography and Poetry: A Photo Essay;  10 Poems: North Beach Yuppie Bar, Poem for the Jazz Man at the Anxious ASP, Grand Slam Night, One too Many Poetry Readings, Father Divine, Under the Mind's Eye, State of Siege, Sunday Morning Blues, Rain Poem, I Kiss the Feet of Angels;  More About A. D. Winans

February 28, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 2—6 Free Verse Poems, Poem For My Grandfather, Remembering My Grandmother, Childhood Memories, Memories Two, Dining Out When I Was Young, Poem For My Father; 2 Valentine's Poems: For Lady Lynne, I Remember Still

September 15, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 3—3 Free Verse Poems: Midnight Dream, A. D. Winans Remembers North Beach

October 31, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 4—Poems: Hospital Poem, The Man You Don't Want To See, For Bernie, Audience Of One, I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation; A Native Poet Retraces His San Francisco Youth; A. D. Winans on Jack Micheline

November 30, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 5—Six Poems: North Beach Yuppie Bar, Poem For The Jazz Man At The Anxious ASP, One Too Many Poets One Too Many Poetry Readings, State Of Seige, Sunday Morning Blues, Tenderloin Cafeteria Poem; A. D. Winans On A. D. Winans; I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation II

 December 31, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 6—Three Poems: How I Want To Be Remembered, God's Don't Cry, Poem For The Old Man

January 31, 2008, Vol. 3, No. 1—Three Poems: Survival Song, Untitled, Random Word Poem

February 29, 2008, Vol. 3, No. 2—Growing Up In America, Jazz Is American As Apple Pie; Free Verse: Untitled, Road Rage, Untitled

March 31, 2008, Vol. 3, No. 3—Free Verse: Poem for the Kid I Disappointed, from Fight these Bastards: Call to Poets,

                             The System, survival song


Resources about A. D. Winans

Charles P. Ries reviews The Wrong Side of Town by A. D. Winans

Interview: July 27, 2007: A.D.Winans: The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski and the Second Coming Revolution, interview by Doug Holder


Commentaries: What others say about A. D. Winans


Bibliography of Links to A. D. Winans information on-line


Book Fair—whispers from hell, and  San Francisco Blues


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